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February 7, 2021

Marathonisi ,Laganas

Another part of the island is known as Marathonisi. It is a tiny uninhabited island in Laganas Gulf, with exotic beauty, white sand, crystal clear waters and it is visited by the caretta – caretta turtles! It is preferred by the turtles to lay their eggs. For humans, it is the most restricted area on the island, because it is the place where the turtles go to reproduce in the summer, so any human appearance can threaten them. That’s why even when humans come for sight-seeing, they are expected to stay within the range of about 5-meters of a small beach. It also looks like a turtle and therefore it is known as the turtle island. Marathonisi is part of the national marine park and it contains tropical vegetation, turquoise waters and sea caves. The remoteness of the island offers peacefulness.


To visit Marathonisi book a boat trip from Laganas, Agios Sostis, Porto Koukla, Keri or rent a boat to explore the coast. No one is allowed to build anything on this island, every human activity is very much restricted to safe-guard the Caretta Caretta.