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Shop in Zakynthos Town

The best shopping on the island is in Zakynthos Town. It’s only 10 minutes away by car and the shopping high-street is along Alexander Roma road. Glam-looking shops sell designer sunglasses, fine jewellery and high-quality leather goods. For something more down-to-earth, there’s a colourful farmer’s market held every Monday and Thursday down by the town’s harbour.

There’s a gaggle of souvenir shops on the main street, together with a couple of chichi stores that’ll sort you out with designer clothes and jewellery. And for more choice, there’s always Zante Town. Behind the harbour you’ve got a range of boutiques selling local crafts and top-quality leather goods. Or head for the main shopping street, Alexander Roma.

Alexandra Roma, is a few roads back from the seafront, it’s the main shopping hub. Here you’ll find souvenir shops selling hand-woven textiles and embroidery, along with jewellery and ornaments carved from the local olive wood.


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